IT Solutions Tailored for Your Business

Transform your business with digital solutions. We have the expertise to answer your IT questions

Finding the Right Solution

We work with you to establish the best digital solutions for your business

Our consultants analyze, test, and report on various aspects of business functionality to improve businesses’ productivity, performance, and growth.

Blockchain Technology Consulting

Discuss how blockchain development can reinvent your key business processes and digitize transaction workflows for safer and more efficient business.


IT Consulting

Align your business and technology decisions. We conduct assessments and provide comprehensive enterprise integration strategies; we identify risks, provide strategic solutions and help you implement changes.

IT Outsourcing

Fulfill your potential with business tech support. From multilingual customer support to compliance monitoring services, we’ll connect you with the right source.

dApp development

Secure a dApp that supports your business with immutable smart contracts delivered in real-time. We create frontend interfaces that are easy to use and backend code that is independent.

Software Leasing

Integrate the software solutions your business needs to operate and grow. Reduce overheads and meet industry compliance standards with licensed industry software provided at a manageable cost.

Turnkey Web Applications

Launch your eCommerce with complete turnkey web solutions. Our package solutions are aimed at eCommerce businesses ready to launch or upgrade.

App development

Develop high-quality mobile apps to your specifications with our expert engineers. We build, launch, and maintain your web-based, native or hybrid apps for android and IOS, as well as cross-platform.

About IT Consult

Experts in IT for eCommerce

We are an IT consulting firm working for online businesses worldwide to discover the best in digital transformation tools.



We employ experts in a range of fields that complement the eCommerce sector. Our team has extensive experience in assessing growth opportunities for businesses in the digitization process.


Our consultants can work with you anywhere in the world. We understand eCommerce and digitization on an international scale and we take the time to know your market and goals when working beside you.



Our experts are always seeking and testing the latest digital solutions so that they know which products and services are right for your business. Consulting with us means getting answers to your pain points, as well as solutions that will lead your business into the future.


When you choose to work with IT Consult, we work for you and with you to see you realize your goals. Our assessments, reporting, and testing are unbiased and transparent so you can depend on our results.


We pride ourselves on achievement. When you ask us to work with you, we do just that to ensure that you can see the value we deliver to your business. We don’t aim for your mark, we go above and beyond, every time.


IT Consult is a team. We work together to answer questions, find solutions and deliver results. We do not work in isolation but use our collective knowledge and experience to find answers to even the most obscure digital transformation questions.

About Our Values

Passionate About Tech

We work with online businesses to find innovative tech solutions because we are amazed by what digital transformation can do for commerce.


We want your business to succeed. A robust online marketplace that is made secure is a benefit to all society, and we want to help your business be part of the digital economy.


While we are based in Europe, we work with you worldwide, because we are worldwide. Our remote team is a diverse group of people who know how to research markets, answer questions and work with unique digital businesses.


We back ourselves and believe in the expertise we have to offer. Each valued member of our team works hard to keep abreast of developments in their field because they are interested in their work.


We have worked with eCommerce businesses from startup to enterprise. Our commitment to integrity and transparency with clients, as well as protecting the security and privacy of their consultations with us, makes us a trusted leader among digital transformation consultancy firms.


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